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Blocked toilet, smelly drains, slow draining, gurgling toilets and flooding are all signs of a clogged drain.

Our Drainage Specialists will unblock that drain or clear that manhole blockage fast.

Tree roots, cracked and broken pipes, or even collapsed drains are all common faults on drainage installations often caused by subsidence.

Grease build up can easily block a gully and foreign objects can also cause problems in your drain pipes.

If your drain blockage has been caused by any of these external factors then we can advise you on the appropriate action, or drain repairs necessary to fix your drain lines.

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As a standard upon completion of any drain clearance we will carry out a complimentary CCTV Survey to ensure that the blockage has gone.

Sometimes internal drains block too. Hair from people and pets can block sinks, baths and showers.
Incorrect installation of waste pipework and fittings may lead to drainage problems and leaks.

A macerator might have left waste too big to pass through the pipework. Whatever the cause, we will get to the root of your drainage problems.

MINA can fulfill all of your drainage installation needs whether it be underground drainage, internal, or external drainage, a water treatment plant, rain water pipes and guttering, excavations, or a soil stack (soil and vent pipe), we will find the best solution to meet your needs.

Rest assured that we use only high quality, modern and well maintained equipment putting safety first.

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